I am passionate about preparing students to navigate a career in dance and to proactively contribute to advancing dance. A significant part of my research therefore focuses on developing and evaluating effective pedagogical practices for postsecondary dance education. Because many first-year dance majors start college with a narrow view of the dance field; limited experience with discussing, writing, and analyzing dance; and little knowledge of the contextual components of dance, they are often underprepared to meet the expectations of postsecondary dance degree programs. My first book, Studying Dance: A Guide for Campus and Beyond, orients readers to dance as an academic discipline, broadens their understanding of dance, and connects academic dance to previous dance experiences and future dance goals. With this book I seek to promote students taking ownership of their dance education by exploring the breadth of possibilities for dance outside of traditional paths of performance and choreography.

My research also reframes the purpose of studio dance courses such as technique and choreography. I argue that foregrounding the implicit aspects of dance learning can cultivate aptitudes needed for successful careers inside and outside of dance. Recent publications in this area include:

Merging Movements: Diverse Dance Education Practices and Student Learning,” published in Arts Education Policy Review, which examines the educational impact of students’ choices in a postsecondary dance major curriculum that decentralizes western concert dance forms.

Teaching Collaborative Skills Through Dance: Isolating the Parts to Strengthen the Whole," published in the Journal of Dance Education, which investigates examines ways to explicitly address the cultivation of collaborative skills within improvisation, choreography, and creative practices courses.

Thinking like a Dancer," published in Theater, Dance, and Performance Training, which articulates how the implicit aspects of dance learning can be made visible within dance pedagogy.

Forthcoming publications and ongoing research inquires include:
A co-edited volume with Doug Risner,
Case Studies in Dance Education. This text brings together 16 noted dance education practitioners and researchers to interrogate the "real life" application of pedagogical theories in diverse contexts.

A co-authored chapter with Nyama McCarthy-Brown, "Dancing with Diversity: Postsecondary Dance Education Students' Perceptions of Cultural Diversity."
This book chapter contextualizes and analyzes postsecondary dance majors’ perceptions of cultural diversity using a mixed method research design to reveal what is working and what changes still need to occur to more embrace cultural diversity in postsecondary dance education.

A peer-reviewed journal article, "The Transgressive Possibilities of Foregrounding Somatic Values" in
Research in Dance Education. This article suggests that foregrounding somatic values in as both content and pedagogical approach provides a way for students to transgress the boundaries of codified dance genres in postsecondary dance education. It was submitted for a double blind peer-review process in November, 2016. The journal is international in scope and focused specifically on dance education research.

For a full list of publications and presentations, please download my CV.