A scholarly outcome of my research into dance competition culture is my book chapter, “Sassy Girls and Hard-Hitting Boys: Dance Competitions and Gender,” which presents an understanding of gender in dance competitions, achieved through a mixed-method research approach using a sequential explanatory process. Although there is some introductory research into dance competition culture, this is the first full investigation that includes and contextualizes the voices of the actual participants. This chapter is part of Dance and Gender: An Evidence-Based Approach edited by Wendy Oliver and Doug Risner.

Forthcoming publications and ongoing research inquiries include:
A book chapter titled “You’ve Got to Sell It! Dancing on the Competition Stage” that examines the motivations of female adolescent dance competition participants in relation to dance competitions’ marketing practices and will be published in the forthcoming
The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Competition, edited by Dr. Sherril Dodds.

A journal article that examines the emergent transdisciplinary research approach I am using to study dance competition culture. Target publication date is late 2017.

A qualitative research project examining the links between commercial and competition dance as perceived by dance competition teachers to reveal how dance is transmitted and transformed between these two settings.

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