Private sector dance studios and dance competition culture are becoming increasingly important in educating young people, their parents, and local communities about dance, therefore part of my research centers on dance competition culture. This research aims to ignite conversations in academic discourse and the general public about dance competition culture and its relationship to contemporary societal values in the United States.

My approach to studying dance competition culture is transdisciplinary, merging scholarly empirical and theoretical research with creative practice. In my scholarly research, I employ qualitative research methods in relation to critical theory to investigate dance competition culture. In the project’s creative components, I have collaboratively developed a web series,
In It to Win!, about "Miss Karen," an exaggerated personification of the stereotypical values of the competition dance world, to reveal the inner workings of dance competition culture. The approach is complimentary, multifaceted, and unified, and is dependent on reshaping traditional approaches to and dissemination of dance research and creative practice to conceive and accomplish integrated yet multiple outcomes.