Karen Schupp Dance

making, educating, investigating



“My work ranges from revealing self-portraits, to collaborative, site-specific group dances that emphasize a high sense of intuitive logic and athleticism, to conceptual movement-based works for non-dancers.”

Western Door/Power Trail

November 2010    |    30 Minutes

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Exhausted Abundance

February 2011    |    16 Minutes

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Pausing at the Threshold

September 2007    |    10 Minutes

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Twelve Squared

April 2009    |      12 Minutes

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Earth Measure

November 2007    |    12 Minutes

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April 2011    |    45 Minutes

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Photo Credits: Tim Trumble, Ken Howie, Yeoungwen Lee

In It To Win (Phase I)

2012-2015        |     60 Minutes

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Sunshine. Moonlight. Good Times. Boogie.

2014                     |      12 Minutes

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